Why we do this!

People often ask what we do.   
We really prefer to answer this by sharing WHY we do what we do!    We believe educating athletes about financial literary will help our community become stronger.    We want to share our knowledge to lift up families and businesses.   We want athletes to have an equal opportunity to know how the tax system works so our community can prosper and benefit from legitimate financial products.   Only with knowledge can people understand how wealth works.  It is our mission to inspire generations of athletes to take control of their financial future.



Bill Clark

Matthew Shaw


Just as we want to know you, we also make ourselves known.⁣⁣

John Rodriguez

John brings over 30 years of marketing and business development experience to The Lab 247. He loves people and is passionate about educating both individuals and families on how to become financially secure in all areas of their life: money growth and protection, retirement savings, securing proper home loan financing, and home mortgage protection. As the CMO of The Lab 247, he shares the responsibility and privilege of ensuring that all communities of people have the opportunity to hear, understand, and act upon the helpful initiatives of The Lab 247. John works very closely with the Founders of "The Lab” to properly position ourselves before other key marketing and media outlets to help us stay “top-of-mind” and relevant in these challenging financial times. When not engaged in The Lab activities, he enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones, playing high-level beach volleyball, cycling, and volunteering in his local community.

My Vision...

"To provide current and former athletes, in our underserved community, financial education - leading to a pathway of security, protection and peace of mind.   Educating our community one Athlete at a time."