Sports was and is everything for these two men. Life beyond sports is equally important to them.

Financial Literacy Advice from Magic Johnson

Magic was one of the most successful players on the court. His off the court success rivals his days on the hardwood.

Lebron James

Lebron is one of the most successful business men in sports. Yes of course he's also the best player in the NBA but his off the court success should be an inspiration to all young men in business and sports.


"I am both impressed and inspired by the knowledge and commitment level of the LAB 247.  These thought leaders have put together a great platform to help athletes get the right financial education and craft a strategic road map for the future." 

James T. Cowan MBA
Director, Next Markets

I am so impressed with the team of professionals at The Lab 24/7 & their commitment to financial literacy/education! The owners of the company are all former professional athletes, so they understand the importance of making sound financial decisions (at an early age) in order to protect income & provide for their families after their playing days are over. I am proud to be a client at The LAB 24/7 & I enthusiastically recommend their services to my friends, family & the athletes/entertainers my Agency represents.


Richard G Hiskey, MBA\President
PushPlay Sports & Entertainment Marketing
(Huntington Beach, CA)

 As a former athlete I really appreciate what TheLAB247 has to offer. I never had access to financial education and these guys understand me because they have walked in my shoes before. They are such a great resource for me and I highly recommend them for anyone moving forward.

Jerren Shipp 
Former athlete